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Should you buy Used Car or Brand New Car?

Not many people would prefer used car over new car should it be no financial constraint. Being said so, there are still people opt for used car even without financial constraint.
Reasons being: To minimize depreciation loss, as depreciation loss incurs during the first 2 to 3 years is the highest for a brand new car.


 New Car

Used Car

  • Brand new
  • Could be lower in maintenance cost
  • Under warranty
  • Glamour
  • Personality
  • More affordable
  • Less burden
  • Pay minimum interest for loan or even not required a loan. 
  • Minimum depreciaton loss
  • Save in insurance premium
  • Expensive
  • Pay more loan interest
  • Higher depreciaton loss
  • Higher insurance premium
  • High risk of stolen
  • Second handed
  • Could be higher in maintenance cost
  • Prone to breakdown
  • Lower usability
  • Car Loan may not be available
  • Risk of obsoletion
  • Could be accidented car