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Tyre and Road Safety

Tyres are the single most important part of your vehicle, which ensure your vehicle maintains at its required level of road safety. Especially on the Highway or Expressway. Poor quality tyres or reduced tread dept tyres cause numerous road accidents losing road user's life every year. 


Tyres with a “P” are for passenger car use. Some passenger car tyres may not have a “P” and are considered hard-metric tyres. Some light trucks and SUV’s are equipped with original equipment P-metric or hard-metric tyres. Tyres with a “LT” are for light truck or SUV use only.

Reading the Tyre's Sidewall

P185/60R15 82H 

P     represents tyre type, which is passenger
185 represents the section width (tyre/tread width in mm)
60   is the tyre Aspect Ratio (the ratio of the sidewall height to the Tread Width)
R     represents Radial tyre construction
15   represents the rim/wheel size (rim diameter in inch)
82H represents Load Index and speed symbol (speed rating)

Load Index
Load index indicates the maximum load capacity each tire is designed to support. Like speed ratings, assume near perfect operating conditions to obtain the ratings listed in the table below.

 Index  Load in KG
 81  462 
 82  475
 83  487
 84  500
 85  515
 86  530
 87  545
 88  560
 89  580
 90  600
 91  615
 92  630
 93  650
 94  670
 95  690

Speed Symbol / Speed Rating
Speed ratings are determined by indoor laboratory testing methods which measure high speed tyre durability under controlled test conditions.
However, these test procedures do not take into account underinflation, tyre damage, vehicle characteristics, or road conditions which can lead to sudden tyre failure or loss of vehicle control at much lower speeds than indicated by the tyre's speed rating. 

The validity of using speed rated tyres is based on the idea that the tyre's top speed capability must at least equal the vehicle's top speed capability, since it cannot be assumed that the driver will always observe the speed limit.
Recently the speed rating is being referred to as the "Performance Rating" of the tyre, since the higher speed rated tyres generally offer improved handling and maneuverability compared to lower speed rated tyres. 

 Symbol Speed 
 S  180 km/h
 T  190 km/h
 U  200 km/h
 H  210 km/h
 V  240 km/h
 W  270 km/h
 Y  300 km/h
 Z  above 300 km/h