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Tyre Air Pressure

 Michelin Energy Saver A/S

Commonly used Unit of Measure for Tyre Pressure  

Pound force squre inch (psi) and Kilopascal (kPa)




























Tyre inflation and Fuel economy

Suitable tyre air pressure not only helps improve fuel economy, obtain optimise tyre performance as originally designed. But also crucial in order to maintain road safety especially driving on the expressway with high speed.

Under-inflated tyre:
Increase Sidewall flexing and cause excessive heat buildup, increase rolling resistance, reduce fuel economy and
eventually shorten the life.
Under-inflated tyre would compromise road safety due to loss of steering precision and conering stability.

Over-inflated tyre:
Reduces the tyre footprint in contact with road surface and compromising stopping distance
Over-inflated tyre would not absorb road irregularities such as potholes, effectively as it was designed. Thus

causing reduction in driving comfortability and causing suspension structure damage prematurely.

Tyre pressure must be checked regularly with pressure gauge.

How much is the suitable pressure for my car?

The required tyre pressure varies depending on the type of your car and driving conditions such as Expressway and urban, passenger load and etc.
Recommended tyre pressure is usually displayed on a sticker in driver's or passenger's sidedoor jamb

Typre Pressure, label
Typical Typre Pressure Label