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Pekema urges govt to keep AP system


SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION: Association says the Approved Permit scheme has created up to 100,000 jobs for Bumiputeras
THE Malay Importers and Traders Association (Pekema) is glad that the government has decided to re-look the decision to abolish the approved permit (AP) system next year.

Pekema vice-president Sharifah Noor Al-Attas said it has a few areas of concern that it hopes to highlight to the government before a new decision on AP is made.

"We have had several discussions with International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed and others who are involved as to why the AP system has to continue," she said recently.

To date, Sharifah said the AP system has contributed some RM1.4 billion to the national economy and created between 70,000 and 100,000 job opportunities for the Bumiputeras.
"We have contributed a lot to the country's economy. I believe that we have created successful entrepreneurs in the automotive industry," she added.
Plans to abolish the AP system have been put on hold since 2009.
It was initially planned to be abolished in 2010.
However, due to the complexity of the issue, its termination was delayed to next year.

Sharifah said Pekema is holding several discussions with the ministry on the AP system.
She hopes that the association would get the cooperation from other parties in the automotive industry to make the industry better.
She also said the association's main aim is to offer a wide range of vehicles to Malaysians by importing good-quality vehicles from Europe and elsewhere.

"We are talking about providing benefits to the people, so that they will get a chance to buy good cars," Sharifah said.
The ministry first issued the APs in the 1970s to encourage local entrepreneurs, particularly Bumiputeras, to develop their own businesses in the automotive industry.

There are two types of AP issued by the ministry for cars, which are Franchise AP and Open AP.
Franchise APs are given out for free to franchise holders of car brands that are registered with the ministry while Open APs are sold to parallel importers at RM10,000 a piece to import second-hand cars of any brand.

- New Straits Times