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Road Safety and Seat Belts

For the sake of passengers' safety, today's vehicle comes with all sorts of safety equipments as standard accessories, such as Seat Belt, ABS, Side-bar, Air Bags and etc. These safety equipments were available only in Luxury Cars in those olden days.

Seat Belt or Safety Belt

Despite widely accepted as part of Vehicle operating routine, numbers of passengers killed in accidents were not fastening Sefety Belts or Seat Belts. Contrary, majority of passengers were survived involving fatal road accidents, with their Seat Belts fastened.

Without Safety Belts, your body would be thrown into the dashboard or steering wheel, thus causes serious internal injuries when involved in accident. Safety belt also prevents you from being thrown out of the vehicle.

Most commonly used 3-point Seat belts today, is comparatively comfort to wear, as the belt is not locked under normal driving condition. The well designed built-in mechanism will lock only when there is sudden vehicle stop due to accident.

Driving on Malaysian Road,Seat Belts and 3rd Stopping Tail Lamp are 2 of the Mandatory Items regulated by the Road Transport Act 1987.