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Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance, another expenditure in additon to Road Tax, which is mandatory to be purchased by the owner of a vehicle.

Motor Insurance is to protect the policyholder (car owner) against any unexpected incidence, which might cause:

1. Loss or damage to his own vehicle (Comprehensive cover).
2. Loss or damage to another person's vehicle or death or bodily injury to a third party (Third Party cover).

Type of Covers

  • Comprehensive
    The cover offers protection against financial loss because it covers fire, theft and accidental damage to the Insured's vehicle in addition to the protection against the legal liabilities to third party for death and bodily injury and damage to property that may arise in the event of accident. 

Your Comprehensive Motor Insurance coverage includes Standard Factory-fitted Accessories due to burglary or theft. But, Non-factory fitted accessories are not, unless declared and accepted by your insurer in advance.

Items Not Covered includes: laptop, handphone, camera, wallet, watch, jewellery, portable electronic devices & ...  Such items can be insured under All Risks insurance policy.

  • Third Party
    The cover offers protection against financial loss as a result of damage the driver of the vehicle may cause to a third party. It also provides protection against any claims that may arise because of the death of or injury to another person in the event of accident. 

Your standard motor insurance policy Does Not cover:-

  • Use for hire and reward
  • Use for racing pace-making reliability trial speed testing
  • Use for the carriage of goods other than samples in connection with any trade or business
  • Use for any purpose in connection with the Motor Trade
  • Your own death or bodily injury
  • Loss/damage arising from an act of nature e.g. flood, landslide

NCD (No-Claim-Discount)

The premium for the insurance will be reduced if no claim is made against the policy during the past 12 months. Percentage of NCD could be as high as 55%, depend on the continuous number of year without any claims made against the policy.

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Important Notice:
If you sell your motor vehicle, you Must comply with the following:

Under the Road Traffic Ordinance 1958, it shall be unlawful for any person to use or permit any other person to use a motor vehicle without a valid Policy or Certificate of Insurance.

Thus, on the sale of motor vehicle they must surrender the Certificate of Insurance and the Policy tothe insurance company. If the Certificate of Insurance has been lost or destroyed, a Statutory Declaration to that effect must be made. Failure to comply with this obligation is an offence under the Road Traffic Ordinance.

The policy will cease to be valid once the motor vehicle has been sold to another person unless the transfer of interest has been duly notified to and agreed to by the insurance company concerned. If the insurance company agree to cover the new owner they will endorse the policy accordingly and will issue a new Certificate of Insurance in the new owner's name.